“Going back in time to get ahead”. A lot of content is published about Organic living, lifestyle, food, fashion and more. It seems to be getting into every space of our lives. Today we have reached a point where it’s gaining faster acceptance than ever before. There is a visible trend of more and more people shifting to organic food. Basically organic farming is done without use of any chemicals. Without using pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, the produce is as natural as it can be. Apart from being healthier its tastier. Organic food continued to gain follower-ship. Now a community, across the globe.
Ironically this is how farming was done in the past. Then what went wrong that we replaced the historical cultivation which was nothing but organic farming. The need or greed to produce more, faster and cheaper, the farming practices slowly and steadily got replaced. Use of chemicals at the cost of being hazardous to our health became a regular practice. For long everyone either forgot, ignored the fact that we were damaging our health. We just went on with the production spree. Then crashed the wave of rising awareness of its ill effects on health. This trigger the need to review the unhealthy practices in food adulteration. This was the turning point in agriculture. Organic farming rebounded.We at Titos Organic do not limit organic farming to ourselves but facilitate within our farmer partnerships. We take the onus of our organic certified dry grocery range. Our range includes Processed and Non-processed, Cereals and Legumes, Spices, Oil Seeds, Sweetners, Culinary Oils.